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Eastern Oregon Early Child Care Resources

Navigate the confusing process of getting licensed by the state, find professional development opportunities, and make a greater long-term impact on the children who you teach.

You’re on the front-line of early-childhood education. Your work is essential to the long-term success of our children. But childcare work can feel isolating, difficult, and underappreciated by the world who doesn’t see the true value of your work. We know your value. Eastern Oregon Child Care Resources is here to empower you to do what you do – but easier and better.

We help you navigate the difficult and confusing process of state licensing so you can get licensed, get paid, and get to work. We also provide help navigating college financial assistance and continuing professional education opportunities so you can improve your SPARK ratings, build your business, and spend more time doing what you do best – teaching kids – and not worrying about the rest.


How We Help

Get Licensed as a Professional Child Care Provider in Eastern Oregon

State licensing requirements are confusing and difficult to understand, but compliance is necessary for getting paid and being a respected member of the profession. Find out exactly what you need to get licensed, get paid, and get to work

Enroll in Professional Development Programs and Improve as a Professional

Licensing is just the beginning. Early childhood education is a journey of lifelong learning. Find the best professional development opportunities that will raise your state SPARK rating and help you improve as a childcare professional.

Streamline Your Technical Tasks and Focus More On Child Care

Your time and skills are valuable. We offer a broad range of technical services so you can spend less time managing the technical aspects of your business and spend more time working on curriculum and with your kids.

Apply for Financial Assistance to Help You Find Your Feet

Making ends meet can be difficult as a child care professional in Eastern Oregon, especially when you’re just starting out. We can connect you with opportunities for financial assistance to help you while you find your feet as a child care professional.

Let Us Create A Personalized Licensing and Professional Development Plan For You

Want the easy button option? We’d love to partner with you free of charge to create and implement a personalized plan for licensing, professional development, and long-term support. Our specialists are waiting to connect with you, learn your needs, and support you in building your business as a child care professional.

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Training and Licensing-Related Events for Childhood Providers

Find upcoming events on our community calendar and know what events are currently available for you to enroll in.

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