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Technical Assistance
Get personalized assistance with licensing, financial aid, business coaching, and connect with like-minded professionals to support you as you grow
Your job as an early educational professional is to care for kids during one of their most-important stages in development. Our team will walk side by side with you to help you get licensed and develop as a professional. With us on your team, you’ll spend less time and energy doing the things you’d rather not be doing and more time actively caring for the kids you serve. We value what you do, and we want to help you to do more of it!

Expedite Your State Licensing Process

The state system for licensing is complicated. Understanding the different requirements to be licensed can be confusing and difficult to actualize. But don’t let licensing stop you from doing the work you love! Our team will help you to figure out exactly what licensing you need and then navigate the training and paperwork to make it so.

Navigate the ORO System

The Oregon Registry Online system is a great tool to help build a professional development plan specific to your particular career goals. And we’d love to be the guide by your side all the way from creating your profile, building out your plan, and to moving up the ranks as a quality child care professional.

Focus Your Child Care Center With A Business Model

The foundation for an intentional child care business is a business plan. But your skills are in child care, not business plans! Don’t worry. Our team will help walk you through creating one so that you can be more intentional, get more clients, and target your marketing and long-term goals. We also offer many training opportunities throughout the year to build better business practices.

Improve Your State Rating Through A Customized Plan

The SPARK model is the standard state-sanctioned standard for rating child care professionals quality of service. As your SPARK rating improves, so do your referrals, the number and quality of your clientele, and your rates. It’s one of the best ways to improve your business and create a better image as a childcare professional!

Our team will help you:

Apply for SPARK
Learn about the SPARK model
Create a personalized plan to increase your rating

Actualize Your Professional Development And Education Through Financial Assistance

Interested in going to college to improve your skills as a child care provider? What a great life decision! Children need quality child care professionals like you. And we’d love to make it more affordable! We can help you to identify if you qualify for financial assistance and, if you do, to apply for it.

Connect With Peer Professionals Who Can Give You Tips and Encouragement

Looking for a way to connect with like-minded professionals? Our Focused Child Care Networks might just be what you’re looking for. We create these networks based on location, primary language, and service specialization so you can pick and choose which networks to be a part of based on your particular needs.