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Find a high-quality child care provider in your area

The years between birth and five are some of the most-important to a child’s development. That means that who you leave them with is of the utmost importance to their long-term success. Never settle for anything less than high-quality child care. And at the EO Learning Hub, we make finding those providers so much easier.

Call 211 To Find A Quality Provider In Your Area

We Develop and Feature High-Quality Child Care Providers

The SPARK model is the state-sanctioned system for rating providers. SPARK-rated child care providers exhibit high-rating performance in these areas:

Children’s Learning & Development: Creating a high-quality learning environment – both the physical environment and the curriculum or program of learning.
Health & Safety: Implementing health and safety education and practices that are beyond what is required in licensing.
Personnel Qualifications: Hiring of highly qualified staff and how well they are receiving ongoing advancement of their knowledge and skills.
Family Partnerships: How well a business creates reciprocal relationships with families.

Administration & Business Practices: Implementing good business practices and professionalism.

One of our departments at the EO Early Learning Hub is dedicated to educating local providers to continually improve their SPARK rating so they serve you better every day. We also feature the highest-rated providers we know right here on our site.
Find High-Quality Child Care By Contacting 211

The 211 service is another easy, step-by-step process to find high-quality child care providers in your area. To access this service, simply dial 211 on your phone and follow the prompts until you are connected to a child care specialist.

Find Quality Child Care By Calling 211