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Early Childhood STEAM

Develop your child’s long-term ability to learn, adapt, and succeed in the modern world through age-appropriate science, technology, engineering, art, and math books and resources.

Rent Developmentally Appropriate STEAM Books From Our Lending Library

The STEAM subjects have never been more relevant.

Most of our interactions with information and even other human beings involve the STEAM subjects somehow these days. And integrating these subjects into your child’s library early-on is essential to them growing into a helpful role in society.

Discover Exciting and Developmentally-Appropriate STEAM Books For Your Child

Find books that are relevant and appropriate in each STEAM subject.

Start Your Child On STEAM Early Through Our Lending Library

Rent developmentally and culturally appropriate STEAM kits for free through our lending library.

Other Helpful Early Childhood Steam Resources

Here’s some other helpful resources to introduce your child to the STEAM subjects!