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Relief Nurseries

Create peace, stability, and communication in your family through data-backed parenting techniques modeled in the comfort of your own home.

A stable environment is the foundation for a child’s success, and effective parenting techniques are the tools you build it with. But parenting skills are learned; you’re not born with them. Relief nurseries are a results-backed way to learn these skills and lay the firm foundation on which your child will be building toward the stars.

What Are Relief Nurseries?

Relief nurseries are a voluntary program that helps parents learn the skills to communicate with their children and create life-long success. Relief nurseries include:

Parent observation of effective parenting techniques at the nursery location

Home visits where a parent is taught ways to communicate with their child

95% of children do not experience maltreatment after enrolling in the Relief Nursery.

Relief nurseries have been shown to:

Improve child and family outcomes

Reduce rates of foster care placement, child abuse, and removal from the home

Decrease behavioral issues in children

Increase emotional regulation and hygene in children

Build positive relationships with families

Provide needed items like clothing and diapers, as well as valuable services such as home visits, therapeutic classrooms, and respite care

Create positive community impact

Foster children and families being connected to community services such as early intervention, mental health services, and medical care

My life is completely amazing. I feel like my daughter is going to be the best. She is flourishing. She is going into kindergarten this year and she is ready….My whole life is about advocating for that and children and education, and I am transformed. I hope to someday work in the Relief Nursery. That is how much it has touched my life.

A Parent During A Family Interview

Find Out How A Relief Nursery Can Help Your Family

We have two relief nurseries in Eastern Oregon, one in Baker and on in Ontario. Both offer quality relief nursery services that we highly recommend.

Learn More About RELIEF NURSERY 1 in Baker, OregonLearn More About RELIEF NURSERY 2 in Ontario, Oregon