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Get licensed without a hassle, improve your practice, grow as a provider, and improve your rating as a child care professional

Easily Improve Your Child Care Practice and Increase Your Service Quality

If you’re looking for help with professional development or licensing, we can help. You may not have time to do all the research to figure out the best trainings to improve your practices. Instead, let us help you create a personalized plan to improve your business so you can get more clients and spend more time serving those you have.

Some of the resources we can help you find:

Local trainings

Statewide trainings

College courses or programs

Financial aid

Find Local Trainings In Your Area

We’re a skilled bunch here in Eastern Oregon, and there are plenty of child care trainings you can access right here in your area. These trainings are perfect for Eastern Oregon child care professionals to better their practice and improve their rating with the state

Get Compliant By Taking Your Safety Set Trainings

To be a provider in our state, the honest truth is that you’ll have to jump through a few hoops. All Oregon providers have to complete an Introduction to Child Care Health & Safety course before they practice. Licensed Providers, Center Staff and Regulated Subsidy Providers must also complete Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect.

Get Your Food Handlers License Online

Serving food at your child care practice? All child care professionals must have their Oregon Food Handler’s License when working in a licenced home or center.

Find and Register For Statewide Child Care Trainings

Eastern Oregon puts on some great trainings, but there’s dozens of other statewide trainings that could help you grow as a professional as well. Click below to find state-wide trainings that can help you to grow as a professional.

Improve Your Practice Through Oregon Registry Online

The ORO system helps you create a personalized development plan, and we’d love to help you through the process of creating yours. Or if you’d like to make a go of it yourself, you can create an account and start the process on your own.

Identify The Best College Education Options

Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the options for college education in the field of child care? Not sure which path to take? We’d love to help you start a college certificate or degree plan in Early Care and Education and reduce your overwhelm while we do.  

Connect With K-12 Educators in Shared Professional Development

The Eastern Oregon REN (Regional Educator Network) provides Eastern Oregon educators with equitable access to sustained, quality professional learning in order to: recruit and retain high-quality educators, and develop the capacity of regional educators to improve student learning.  The REN is supported by a governing body from Lake, Harney, Grant, Malheur, and Wallowa counties that consists of K12 educators and administrators, as well as representatives from Early Learning.

Find Custom Trainings Not Listed Here

Do you need specific trainings that you are not finding? Just get in touch! We’ll help you find and register for exactly what you need.

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Training and Licensing-Related Events for Child Care Providers

Find upcoming events on our community calendar and know what events are currently available for you to enroll in.

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