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About Us

The Eastern Oregon Early Learning and Care Network
Supporting parents and early childhood care professionals to raise kids well when it matters most.

Raising kids is no small matter. Studies have shown that the early years are the most important in a child’s physical, social, and emotional development*. The difference between a healthy experience and one that causes lifelong set-backs is the quality of engagement with the adults caring for the child during these years.

This is too big a task for anyone to do alone. Every parent – no matter how competent or resourced – needs resources, support, education, and community to raise kids well.

However, these things are sometimes hard to find. The Eastern Oregon Early Learning and Care Network exists to fill that gap. We help connect parents and early childhood care professionals in Baker, Malheur, and Wallowa counties in Oregon with the tools and community necessary to raise kids well when it matters most.

Our Mission

Resources and community are essential to raising kids of whatever age. But today, ironically, in our digital age, resources and community can be some of the most-difficult things to find.

In the past, community and resources were provided by family, friends, and churches. But today with the increasing isolation, many people are quickly losing access to these time-tried sources of support.

Our vision is to provide parents and those who are engaged in the good-work of early childhood learning and child care in Eastern Oregon with everything they need in one, centralized location. This includes:

Opportunities for One-On-One, In-Person Support
Financial Assistance
Licensing, Training, and Education

With these things centralized, we hope that the feelings of isolation, confusion, frustration and overwhelm that often come with raising young children can be replaced with feelings of hope, relief, and confidence to raise kids well and set them up for a lifetime of learning and success.

Where We

We work in Baker, Malheur, and Wallowa Counties
in Eastern Oregon.

Our Values

1. Family
2. Community

Our Goals and Objectives

We want every child arrives ready for kindergarten practically, emotionally, and socially. We facilitate that by providing high-quality resources and connections that help every child to thrive during their pre-k formative years. All of our services and programs are purposed to make sure that:

Families are supported and engaged as their child’s first teachers.

Families have access to high-quality, culturally responsive, inclusive, developmentally appropriate, and affordable early care and education that meets their needs.

The early care and education workforce is diverse, culturally responsive, high quality and well compensated.

Early childhood physical and social-emotional health promotion and prevention is increased.

Young children with social-emotional, developmental, and health care needs are identified early and supported to reach their full potential.

Children and families experience supportive transitions and continuity of services across early care and education and K-12 settings.

Children are raised in healthy, stable, and attached families

Parents and caregivers have equitable access to support for their physical and social emotional health.

All families with infants have opportunities for connection.

Families with young children who are experiencing adversity have access to coordinated and comprehensive services.