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Eastern Oregon Early Learning

Who We Are

Marshell Hooker

Director of Early Learning
Malheur Education Service District
Vale, Oregon

Marshell is a veteran educator who has worked serving students and families in multiple capacities for
more than 30 years. This includes 14 years as a classroom teacher and 17 years as a central office and
building level administrator. She currently serves as Director of Early Learning for the Malheur
Educational Service District. She is passionate about improving opportunities and access for all children.
She is most passionate about recruiting, supporting and maintaining a high quality early learning work
force so that all children birth to 5 years have the very best foundation and readiness for school and life.
Outside of work, Marshell loves to spend time with her grandchildren reading, playing or teaching them
new things. She loves spending time at home with her husband and her three dogs. She loves cooking
and baking. She loves to travel to new places so that she can learn about the history, geography and
culture of the people who live there. She looks forward to a future where all kids have access to the
care they need. She is grateful for the opportunity she has been given to work with likeminded and
passionate people.

Rod Belknap

Assistant Early Learning Director/ HUB Director

Rod has been a part of the Early Learning community for the past 20 years. Prior to coming to the Early Learning Hub, he was the Program Manager and Interim Director for a Head Start program in Ontario. He has much experience in designing and running Head Start programs. Rod went to work for Head Start with very little knowledge of Early Childhood Education. Throughout the years he obtained much knowledge and gained an appreciation for what Early Learning programs can do for children. He hopes to share this knowledge, by improving systems, and helping all children in the Hub region be ready to transition into Kindergarten.

Outside of work, Rod enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, son-in-law and especially his grand-daughters. He also enjoys camping, hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding and can often be found on the golf course.

Tanya Faughn

Early Learning Program & Finance Specialist

Tanya has been a part of the Vale/Ontario community for the last 23 years after moving here from Portland Oregon to be closer to family. Tanya spent 9 years in K-6 Special Education at a local school district, specializing in autism-based education & practices before she came to The Eastern Oregon Early Learning Hub in December 2020.  Tanya is excited to share her skills and knowledge of the growing Early Learning System and is always looking to expand. Tanya’s daily duties as the Program and Finance Speciast can be anywhere from paying bills, budgeting accounts, and mangaging contracts to organizing local engagement opportunities  Tanya is always flexible with change and new things on her horizon.

 Tanya pulls her energy and inspiration from her family, which consists of her partner, 3 grown daughters, a son, and a furry toddler.  Tanya enjoys cooking for her family, painting with friends, photography, sewing, and spending time outdoors in her downtime.

Tammy Pierce

Coordinated Enrollment Coordinator

Tammy stepped into this new role of Coordinated Enrollment with experience in convening partners, program development, and systems work in the region. Her core values are family, love and integrity that guide her work in creating opportunities for children and their families to reach their full potential. This work is accomplished through collaboration with all community partners, parents, and providers to find the most effective, inclusive and equitable ways to serve families in Baker, Malheur and Wallowa Counties.

Tammy’s passion for the work is connecting the dots between community and families to ensure we are improving outcomes for children and aligning services into one efficient and effective system for all. She is grateful for the ability to live on the family ranch, in a small community in Baker County.  She and her husband enjoy the lifestyle that comes with ranch life. They have three beautiful daughters and love watching them grow into smart, confident, independent women.

Brenda Nunez 

Parent Engagement Facilitator

Brenda stepped into the new role of Parent Engagement Facilitator with experience working with parents and families. 

Tammie Dockter 

Home Visiting System Coordinator 

Tammie was born and raised in Eastern Oregon.  She has been a Registered Nurse since 1987.  Tammie worked as a nurse in LaGrande, OR and also in the Midwest for a few years before returning to the Treasure Valley in 1991.  She has served this community in several capacities as a nurse since then.  

Tammie gained substantial experience working with families and young children during her 12 years as a public health nurse home visitor, as well as the 11 years she spent as a nurse case manager for children with special health care needs, while employed at a pediatric clinic in Ontario, OR.  Tammie treasures the memories of the many children and their families that she has had the honor to work with and care for throughout the decades.  

In April of 2023, Tammie transitioned into the role of Home Visiting System Coordinator for the Eastern Oregon Region, which is comprised of Baker Malheur, and Wallowa Counties. 

In her work as Home Visiting System Coordinator, Tammie thoroughly appreciates meeting with people, including community partners, home visitors, systems partners, and families and their children.   Forming trusting relationships with others is at the foundation of Home Visiting Systems work, and Tammie values these relationships immensely.  A desired outcome of Tammie’s Home Visiting Systems work will be that families in our communities experience improved access to home visiting and family support services. 

Apart from work, Tammie loves spending time with her husband, family, and dogs.  As time molds her, Tammie realizes that faith, family, friends, focusing on learning and enjoying each and every day are some of the most important things in life.   Tammie would rather have her nose in a book than almost anything, but aside from reading, her interests include cooking, trying new recipes or developing her own, swimming, music, gardening, and preserving the garden harvest.  Tammie and her husband can usually be found in the evenings on their patio or in the pool—listening to music, playing with their Gordon Setters, swimming, talking about life, and making plans for whatever the next project will be.