Interested in preschool for your child?


Bright by text

Get pick me ups, updates, and curated parenting advice delivered to you free of charge via text.

What is Bright By Text?

Bright By Text sends free, easily-readable, and data-backed text messages to parents from week to week. Some of the subjects of the texts include include:


Local events
Developmental milestones
Brain development
Mental health and resilience
Social-emotional competence
STEAM subjects
Language and literacy
Nutrition and health
And more!

What’s so cool about bright by text?

Bilingual: Bright by Text messages are provided in English or Spanish

Curated: All information is based off of data-backed parenting information

Relevant: Developmental tips are based on your child’s age and current milestones

Communal: Bright By Text sends you updates and timely info on local resources and events coming up near you

Connected: Through Bright By Text you can find links to more online learning materials including videos you can access on any smartphone

Reliable: Bright By Text provides information on challenging behaviors (sleep, eating, potty training, tantrums) when you need it most

How Do I Sign Up For Bright By Text?

It’s simple!

Text EOKIDS to 274 448

Follow the prompts to tailor the texts to your child

Use your smartphone to access any resources that interest you