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Cradle to career

Help kids reach their full potential from cradle to career

Cradle to Career (C2C) Partnerships are groups of professionals who join together for a single purpose: to improve outcomes for local kids. When you join a C2C Partnership, you’ll help improve community resources and tailor them especially for kids and families in your community.

Build Resources, Improve Outcomes From Cradle to Career

Resources are the groundwork for kids’ success. A Cradle to Career partnership is basically a monthly meeting of professionals concerned with every child reaching their potential, improving outcomes and not only getting children ready for school, but getting schools ready for kids.

At this monthly meeting professionals discuss ways to improve local resources and relationships. They bring together the combined knowledge and experience from a vast array of disciplines to help create a local, county-specific and community-based service system to ensure all children can reach their full potential.

What types of professionals are currently involved in Cradle to Career?

Our team is a group of professionals from a variety of sectors, including:

Early Childhood Education

K-12 Education

Health and Wellness

Human and Social Services


Local Business

Local Government


What Time Commitment Is Required?

C2C groups meet once per month for 1.5 hours on different days. All meetings are Noon Pacific/1:00 Mountain Time. 


Baker C2C 12-1:30pm Pacific

First Wednesday of the Month

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Meeting ID: 857 3254 6341


Malheur C2C 1-2:30pm Mountain

Second Tuesday of the Month

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Meeting ID: 864 4686 6313

Malheur C2C Program Mapping 


Wallowa C2C 12-1:30pm Pacific

First Monday of the Month

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Meeting ID: 893 3792 9258

Read Past Cradle To Career Resources

Want to see what C2C is all about? Here’s the agendas, minutes, and notes from all our past meetings so you can see if we’re talking about the kinds of things you care about!

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