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Launch your child into their educational success at our StORytime events!

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Help Your Child “Go-Learn-Graduate” at a StORytime event

At our StORytime events each year, we celebrate the start of your kindergartner’s learning journey with a festival designed to help them learn to love to read. Starting your child off on the right literary foot will help them – like the kids often start chanting at the event – GO-LEARN-GRADUATE! All the way from kindergarten to post-graduate!

Reading is a Key to Educational Success

Reading and literacy are the gateway to every other educational subject. That means the better that your child is at reading, often the better they’ll do across the board. But the love of reading is taught, not inherited. And the StORytime events are a perfect way to help your child to learn to love to read!

What Events and Features Are at StORytime?

Every year each county plans their own one-day, reading-centered StORytime event of what works best for the kindergartners in their area. There are many activities, and all are tailored to the local kids. An example of some of the events that have been hosted in the past are:


Local leaders and authors reading to children


Local high school mascots attending to encourage reading in the kids


Each child going home from the event with their favorite book that was read to them for free (and a t-shirt to boot!)


As a result of the COVID pandemic, the StORytime event in 2020 was fully-digital. Don’t worry though, they’ll be back soon in-person! In the meantime, you can check out past events and see what they will be like when we’re able to be together face-to-face.