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Welcome to our page about the importance of investing in Early Learning.

Resources about child development

Learn more about brain development

The importance of the first 3 years

How can I help my child get ready for Kindergarten

Parents don’t only raise children, they build BRAINS! Learn more here:

Every child can thrive by 5. Cutest “Ted Talk” ever

Parent Nation: Unlocking every child’s potential

8 Things to remember about Child Development. From the Harvard Center on the Developing Child

Brain rules by John Medina! Great short videos about the child’s brain and why they do what they do!

Early Childhood Education is an Investment, not an Expense

How do investments in Early Childhood Education pay off?

Children are our future! Learn about investing in our children.

Why invest in Early Childhood Education? Learn more here. 

Investments in Early Childhood Education Benefit our Entire Community! Learn more here.

What can I do in my community to invest in Early Childhood Education?

  • Volunteer at an Early Learning Program! You could play with or read to children. Share a special skill you may have (such as singing, juggling or dancing). Do special projects or assist a teacher in the classroom. 

  • Donate materials, toys, diapers or formula to an Early Learning Program.

  • Fund child care scholarships to care providers for parents who need assistance. 

  • Donate to Dolly Parton’s imagination library to help pay for books, for children in your community. Imagination Library

  • Spread the word about how important Early Childhood Education is!

  • Visit a high-quality Early Learning Site. Knowing what a high-quality program looks like and how it runs can help you better advocate and understand what it means to give young children a strong start.

  • Donate new or used children’s books to an Early Learning provider in your area. 

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